Toys For Turtles

If you’re like most turtle owners, you want to ensure that your pet leads a happy life. You want to provide them with the greatest turtle habitat, delectable food, and best care imaginable. What about toys, though?

Turtles enjoy playing, therefore they require toys to keep them occupied. This list of the top 19 turtle toys was created for this reason. We have you covered whether your turtle prefers to play in the water or on dry land. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered if you were unsure on how to choose a toy for your turtle.

We’ll look at the top 19 toys for pet turtles to play with in this post. With any luck, you may use this to choose the ideal toy for your turtle and provide them with enjoyment.

Best Toys for a Red Eared Slider

With a better understanding of how to choose the ideal toy for your pet turtle, let’s look at some of the top choices available. From time-tested favorites to cutting-edge new goods, we’ve included a wide range of toys that will keep your turtle amused.

All of these toys won’t be suitable for every pet, but they’re a fantastic place to start if you want to get your turtle a new toy. Without further ado, here are the top 19 turtle toys for pets.

Zoo Med Laboratories Floating Turtle Feeder

This floating fish-shaped feeder adds enjoyment to feeding time for your red-eared slider. It teaches your turtle how to find food as though it were in the wild when bumped and releases food pellets.

Since all the food is in one spot, it is a fantastic method to provide your turtle enrichment while keeping your tank clean! Since it is constructed of solid plastic and won’t shatter when your turtle plays with or chews it, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the material.

Being rather huge, it might not be appropriate for smaller turtles, but it is unquestionably a fantastic toy for turtles larger than 4 inches.

Shooter Marbles

Another entertaining item to keep your aquatic turtle amused and active is the Mega Marbles.

There are 24 marbles in this collection, each measuring 1 inch in diameter and with a unique color pattern.

Aside from us humans, it seems that pet turtles also enjoy playing with them for some reason.

I’m not sure why; perhaps it’s the color or the ease with which they can easily move those marble balls about their tank that draws them in.

Since my turtle enjoys other types of games, I haven’t had any for him, but a friend of mine changes the colored marbles in his tank every few days, and his musk turtle chases them every time.

Plastic Balls

Your pet turtle may drive plastic balls about their habitat by using them as enrichment toys, such as ping pong or golf balls.

Plastic balls may give an additional level of excitement because they also float.

Be warned that plastic balls shouldn’t be kept in the tank for very long since they might clog the water filter and grow mold.

Fish-Shaped Floating Feeder

A excellent technique to feed your pet turtle and keep the tank tidy is using floating turtle feeders. These feeders’ primary function is to keep food off the tank bottom, which can be difficult to clean and encourage the spread of germs. The floating feeders prevent this by suspending the food in the water, allowing your turtle to swim and play as they eat.

This ZooMed floating feeder’s entertaining design is its finest feature. This fish-shaped toy will keep your turtles entertained for hours as they play with it and eat the tasty food that comes with it.

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log

This floating log, which has a natural appearance, gives turtles comfort and enrichment. Anything that floats appeals to turtles because they can push or sink anything around the aquarium. Turtles will take pleasure in swimming within the log or sunning on its surface. Turtles may climb up to the top of the resin log without it rolling over because it is bottom-weighted and simple to clean.

Rubber Practice Golf Balls

When it comes to turtle toys, rubber golf balls are yet another fantastic option to marbles.

The golf balls I’m presenting here are lighter than a standard golf ball but are nonetheless sturdy and composed of tough rubber.

Your aquatic turtle won’t suffer any harm when pursuing them, you can be certain of that.

In addition to the traditional white, they are all available in a few other colors if you want to provide your pet turtles with some fun.

The rubber golf balls are the perfect toy for both box and musk turtles.

You may take advantage of the tiny holes in these practice golf balls by filling them with tasty goodies.

Try stuffing the balls with earthworms or other live turtle food.

The amount of fun your pet turtle may have playing this game may amuse you.

Additionally, colorful Ping Pong balls are an amusing toy for turtles kept as pets.

Ping pong balls are available in many different colors, just like marble shooters.

The ping pong balls I described are a little bit lighter than a conventional ping pong ball, which enables them to float smoothly on the surface of the turtle tank. They are made from nontoxic polypropylene plastic.

They will be simple to move around the tank and engaging for your aquatic turtle to play with for hours.

How much turtles like them in their surroundings will surprise you.

The plastic on this toy is tough enough to resist being torn by the turtle’s jaw, which is a plus.

The ping pong pack’s softer than average ping pong balls are its main drawback.

This indicates that they don’t bounce all that well, so if you opt to use them for a genuine ping pong game instead of a turtle toy, you could be let down.

These balls, however, are resilient enough to occasionally withstand a turtle bite.

Treat Balls

You’ve definitely heard of treat balls for dogs, but did you realize that your turtle can also acquire excellent treat balls?

You may give your turtle fresh meals by using the Tortoise Treat Ball, a nutritious feeder treat ball.

It lessens the possibility of food waste. It amuses your turtle while promoting natural behavior and improving their surroundings.

It’s a great way to reduce tension and inject a little fun into mealtime.

Green Doggy Ball

Do you find it surprising that this ball for dogs made the list? It simply goes to show that even the most basic items can be turned into fantastic turtle toys! This sturdy rubber ball is engineered to bounce wildly and will keep your pet amused for a long time.

What makes this toy the best? It’s inexpensive and simple to clean, making it ideal for anyone looking for a turtle toy that requires little upkeep.

JW HOL-EE Roller Ball

Although this ball is advertised for dogs, your red-eared slider would also love playing with it. A rubber puzzle ball called the JW HOL-EE Roller Ball is meant to be soft and elastic. I’m certain you’ll discover one that’s the perfect size for your turtle because it comes in a variety of sizes. You may attract the turtle’s attention by stuffing the ball with turtle food. This ball will keep your turtles entertained for a while and provide them with hours of enjoyment.

Hard Rubber Puzzle Ball

The Hol-ee Roller Puzzle Ball is essentially a dog toy ball that’s also appropriate for keeping aquatic turtles as pets.

Although it may seem absurd, turtles occasionally exhibit canine behaviors and engage in amusing activities.

The size and color options for this puzzle ball are also available.

It’s made of soft, non-toxic rubber and is a lot of fun to watch in a home turtle tank.

Your turtles won’t be hurt if they chose to swim after or bite the ball because it is safe for them to do so.

Make careful you purchase the tiniest ball if your turtle is young or smaller in size.

Otherwise, because of the size of the ball, your turtles could overlook it or rapidly lose interest in playing with it.

I’ve discovered that stuffing this ball with appetizing turtle food makes for a really successful game with it.

My turtles would swarm the ball and try to eat their way through the perforations.

Watching them perform it is entertaining, and it keeps them quite occupied for a while.

Amano Shrimp

Although amano shrimp aren’t exactly toys, they are a wonderful addition to any turtle aquarium. These little shrimp are scavengers that will consume any algae or leftover food in the tank, simplifying tank care.

They are ideal for individuals looking for a pet turtle that is simple to maintain because they are also fairly resilient and can thrive in a variety of aquatic environments. You should be careful to keep them away from turtles who enjoy eating shrimp since you don’t want your pet shrimp to end up on a menu!

Jomyfant Bath Toys

Cute rubber bath toys made by Jomyfant light up when submerged in water. They are secure for turtles and available in a variety of hues and forms. This toy would be a favorite among turtles, especially since it includes a characteristic that appeals to them—the light-up function.

One drawback is that the toy cannot be repaired when the battery runs out, forcing the purchase of a new toy.

Shale Ledge Aquarium Decor

Everyone is aware that turtles like to hide, and the Shale Ledge Aquarium Decor provides for the coolest possible hiding place. For those wishing to spice up their turtle tank, this realistic-looking rock ledge is ideal.

Your pet turtle will enjoy hiding in the crevices of this ledge so they can take a break from the commotion of daily life. Every now and again, we all require a break!

Glowing Bath Toys

When it comes to playing, my Red-eared slider prefers the glowing bath toys.

Particularly the shark, who seems to take more pleasure in it than the others.

Given that certain turtles appear to be drawn to the color blue, I have a suspicion that that may be the reason.

Anyway, there are eight various colors and forms available for these bath toys.

Because they are composed of non-toxic plastic, they are safe for kids.

Since I’ve had them for more than a year, it is clear that they are also secure for my turtles.

I can say with certainty that nearly every aquatic turtle enjoys playing with those bath toys.

They’re all battery-operated, and when I put them in the tank, they all instantly lit up, which attracted my turtle’s interest.

He enjoys chasing the toys around on top of the tank on certain days, while other days he prefers to sit comfortably in his sunbathing area and observe them.

At first, I did take them out of the tank after playing to conserve battery life.

However, it won’t really matter after 5 to 6 months because the batteries will run out and there won’t be a method to replace them.

The battery life on two of the toy figurines was the only item that I did not like.

Despite the description stating three months, they only lasted about a month.

In any case, it’s not a huge problem because the other toys lasted around 6 hours before breaking.

Bubbling Round Airstone

Why not use this Bubbling Round Airstone to give some excitement to your pet turtle’s tank? These adorable turtle toys will add a bubbling stream of water to your turtle habitats, bringing hours of amusement to your pet.

On top of everything else, this airstone is gorgeous, making it the ideal accent to any turtle tank. The bubbling activity will occupy your pet, and the gray granite tone will complement any tank décor.

Flashing Bath Toys

Given that turtles have good color vision, adding vibrant and flashing bath toys to their habitat can increase exploration, pleasure, and excitement significantly.

Flashing bath toys may float on the water and stimulate your pet, enticing it to explore and engage in physical activity.

When it comes into contact with water, the Floating Bath Toy changes colors and flashes bright hues.

When you take the lights out of the water, they switch off automatically.

It has a lengthy shelf life and is non-toxic.

Color-Changing Bath Toy

While you’re bathing your pet turtle, keep them occupied with this color-changing bath toy. This cute little toy, which has the appearance of a rubber ducky, will change color when it comes into contact with water, giving your pet hours of pleasure. Because of its subdued flashing lights, it is ideal for anyone looking for a quiet bath toy for their pet turtle.

Additionally, this toy is composed of sturdy plastic, making it ideal for someone with a tough-minded pet turtle. And isn’t a toy that can keep up with their boisterous pet turtle what all turtle parents want?