Squirrel House Plans

Do you intend to purchase a squirrel house? You’re at the proper place if so. I’ve compiled an extensive selection of incredible handmade squirrel housing designs. These designs can help you acquire the appropriate squirrel house regardless of whether you choose to create your own or purchase one.

If you appreciate providing food for wildlife, you should make one yourself or purchase an appropriately constructed model. This will entice squirrels to remain in the region and even keep them away from your home.

When deciding where to put the squirrels’ shelter, there are a number of things to consider. Check out these if you want to buy one.

A jigsaw, a drill, and some wooden planks are required if you want to create one. To install it on the tree, you’ll also need a mounting mechanism. It’s the same as constructing a birdhouse.

If you get a squirrel home kit that includes all the materials and step-by-step instructions, building a squirrel house is made significantly simpler.

Squirrel house features

There is more to building a squirrel house than just the fundamental structure. The house must be equipped with elements that will make it a suitable residence for squirrels.

Squirrel door: The recommended width for a squirrel door is around 3 inches. Make sure there is enough room for the squirrel to enter and exit.

Keep in mind that keeping the door out of the reach of dangerous predators like raccoons or hawks might scare the squirrels away.

Entryway used by squirrels – To keep predators out, build a shelf directly inside the squirrel door.

The shelf directly beneath the door will shield the nest from the raccoons’ claws and make it safer for the mother squirrel and her young offspring.

Squirrel steps: Squirrels are adept climbers.

However, you will need to add steps along the straight boards you use to make the squirrel house. Squirrels can climb and descend the steps with ease.

To make it easier for squirrels to reach the shelf at the entry, put ladder parts to the rear.

9 DIY Squirrel House Designs You’ll Love

To assist you in creating your own dynamic designs, have a look at some of the examples I discovered online. These innovative layouts can assist you in coming up with your own special squirrel home designs. I can provide you a ton of original ideas because I found the majority of these designs online and on Pinterest.

Squirrel den

A natural-looking squirrel cave is a building often constructed of plywood or a hardwood that won’t quickly decay outdoors in harsh weather. Any family member, whether a parent, a child, or both, can use the den. If you’re going to construct one, you may as well construct three.

Prior to the birth of the infants, the mother and father first share a den. The mother squirrel then chases the father away so she may take care of her young. In the meantime, the father maintains his bachelor lifestyle in a different but adjacent den.

Fortunately, once the babies have been weaned and have left the nest, Mom and Dad may resume their joint existence while some of the babies might go into the dad’s bachelor pad and a third den.

The standard den has a three-inch aperture adjacent to the tree trunk for convenient access and is constructed in the shape of a rectangle. Length might range from six inches in breadth to twelve to eighteen inches in height. To give natural mobility possibilities and a place to store nuts and other items, inside stairs or a maze-like design are sometimes installed between top and bottom.

Squirrel Condo

For the protection of squirrels and their young, you can give a nest box. It is a wood-like construction with weather-resistant hardware or plywood for a more natural appearance. All species of squirrels may utilize this refuge, and mothers give birth to their young in these kinds of structures.

After giving birth, she would chase the father away and take care of the children. To ensure that the infants have adequate room, the father resides in a neighboring den.

Until they are weaned, the infants stay in the den; after that, they will go and begin their own lives. These fantastic squirrel condos look incredible.

To learn how to build this squirrel condo, go to the WoodWorkers Journal website.

Squirrel Nesting House

You could be fortunate enough to come across a squirrel house for sale or you might choose to make one yourself. You may easily find plans for squirrel houses to assist you in creating a backyard lair or nesting place for your squirrel friends.

Due to the fact that they will shelter the young until they are mature enough to leave the nest and live independently, nesting homes are of particular significance.

After giving birth, a mother squirrel and her young squirrels live in the nesting home. Similar to the squirrel den layout, nesting quarters should have a few apertures for sufficient ventilation.

Placement of the home should be in a south-facing area away from high winds or significant precipitation. Away from potential predators, it can be installed in a tree or similar private, well-hidden location.

Many supporters of squirrel houses offer the nesting home as well as nesting supplies to welcome the young. Old leaves or artificial soft but firm materials that won’t easily get entangled in the squirrels’ claws can be employed. To keep moisture out, the roof of the home has to be sealed.

You may put a perching peg close to the entrance so that the mother or older infants can feed outside while taking in the scenery.

The nesting house and other artificial squirrel structures should be cleaned about every three years to prolong their lifespan to about 10 years. If not, harsh weather may make them disintegrate after only a few years of usage.

Custom Squirrel Boxes

You’re not a crafty person, if you’re like me. Check out some of this bespoke design from Nuts About Squirrels if you can’t locate anything on Amazon or at your neighborhood pet store. For flying squirrels, grey squirrels, and any other tree squirrel you want to feed, they provide nesting boxes.

House For Squirrel Made Out of A Tires and Recyclables

Check out this recycled rubber squirrel house if you enjoy making crafts and reusing old, unwanted stuff. You won’t have to be concerned about it rotting as you would with wooden dwellings or about squirrels nibbling it. The squirrels in your backyard will always have a spot to spend the night as long as the tree is still intact.

Check out the squirrels inside the tire and learn more about it at the Squirrel Houses website.

Like squirrel feeders, a squirrel home can be made from of discarded materials that are lying around the house. Make sure that it cannot be chewed through by the squirrels’ razor-sharp incisors.

Decorative Themes

You’ll like the various charming themes that are currently offered for squirrel houses. There is certainly a squirrel den or home out there to match your tastes. There are gingerbread homes, ranch homes with wraparound porches, and fairytale homes. Even homes that resemble castles with observation towers and drawbridges exist.

You may discover structures for squirrels constructed from organic materials like tree trunks. You may match your yard or outdoor décor with fantasy themes and rustic designs.

Along with home plans for other kinds of squirrels, you may even discover flying squirrel house plans. When you view the end product, building a squirrel house will appear to be more enjoyable than labor-intensive.

Gnome homes go in nicely with garden themes. For certain occasions or seasons, you may decorate your squirrel’s home or cave. Since you know there will be residents who enjoy the house and make the most of it, changing the appearance of your squirrel house will be much more important than adorning your yard.

There are several hues, fashions, and patterns for squirrel housing.

A-Mazing Squirrel House Plans

As opportunistic feeders that are continuously searching for food, squirrels are already well known to us. You may pass the time by watching the squirrels in this house as they navigate the maze to get the food you have placed for them.

The plans may be purchased by going to the Workshop Supply website. The finished home has dimensions of 25′′ high, 27′′ wide, and 5-1/2′′ deep.

Place some of their favorite nuts, such as corn on the cob or acorns, around the maze and watch as they navigate through in quest of food.

Squirrel cleaning and drainage

Make sure the roof is angled to deflect any rain that may damp the squirrel housing. You may drill drainage holes on the bottom rather than using a mesh one, which will probably make the squirrel housing cool.

The aforementioned characteristics will make the ideal home for the squirrels.

You may think about creating each element to optimize safety and provide the squirrels a comfortable place to live.

Feeder and Nesting Box Combined

Consider making a combination squirrel feeder and nesting box for an even more fun backyard project. That kind of design offers a practical feeding location close to the nesting region so the mother won’t have to leave her young ones alone for too long, hence offering more safety from predators.

Natural foods like acorns and harvest corn can be consumed by squirrels. Feed supply businesses and some pet stores sell commercial food. Everyone in the family will enjoy seeing the squirrels play, feed, and build their nest. Children who can see nature in action from the comfort of their own yard might benefit from it as an educational experience.

Anyone can feel happy just by watching squirrels run about. You’ll feel warm and contented knowing that you’re giving squirrel families a place to live and food to eat throughout the long winter. For your favorite backyard wildlife, you don’t need to be an architect to build a simple den or nest.

Simply adhere to a pre-made plan or purchase a ready-made squirrel house from a craft shop or the Internet. Before you know it, you’ll be able to play with a squirrel family on your yard.

Howto build squirrel house: Steps for constructing the squirrel house

To focus on the building process, gather your tools and make sure you have them all.

Build the squirrel house without needing anything complicated, but keep everything within arm’s reach.

Collect the wooden planks, making sure to pick the kind of wood that would work best for your project. Pine or scrap wood would be ideal. Stay away from plywood since squirrels may easily destroy it when playing or moving up and down.

The floor, roof, and overhang will all be constructed using the planks. If you make mistakes, gather more wood.

The front and rear panels should be measured and cut accordingly, with the front panel being cut an inch shorter than the back panel to ensure that the roof overhangs slightly to the front. A goodsquirrel’s house key is this.

Make precise measurements with your tape measure. Create cutting points and lines across the boards with your pencil.

Make an even pattern for the squirrel home by taking your time and sawing precisely. Because squirrels like a little space, do not make the boards too large.

The side walls should be constructed with a width that is comparable to the front and rear board panels.

Please pay attention to the dimensions since the side walls may require an advanced cut.

To define connections, draw lines, and use a ruler to ensure precise cuts. The rear and front board panels ought to line up when you build the panels.

Create a doorway: The squirrels should be able to enter and exit the house through a little door. A diameter of around three inches should be required for the entry.

Potential predators like hawks should be prevented while only squirrels should be permitted to pass through.

Once the boards have been cut and measured, begin matching them with your hands to attach the walls.

Verify that every end fits together correctly. If the walls fit well, start using screws and wood glue to systematically join them.

Cover and seal fractures in any corner with waterproof sealants. To avoid damaging the structure while repairing your mistakes, align the structure slowly.


I’m thrilled that my squirrel house and boxes have been constructed and put in place.

It’ll be posted the next week before the squirrel eviction goes into action, even though I don’t have any good images to show you.

But if you’re really serious about putting it, my husband has chosen to utilize galvanized steel plate that will be bolted into the top and attached to the tree using lag screws.

We’ll do a few things, like fill it with some dry leaves to assist the squirrels start a new life on their nest since I’m sure they can find some leads under all the snow.

I’m interested to see how they settle in! I kid you not—many people would love to spend the night in this squirrel house since it appears like a very wonderful place to live.