Paradox Bearded Dragons

A genetic mutation gave the reptilian animal its paradox bearded dragon shape. In essence, it is a particular breed of bearded dragon that you may encounter as a pet. We will go over every aspect of this kind of bearded dragon in this essay.

More information on the several varieties of this species, including the paradox bearded dragon, will be covered.

A bearded dragon may be the finest choice for you if you desire a lizard-class pet animal as a pet.

The methods that are accessible to us in the genetic mutation area can be used to find different varieties of bearded dragons.

The major focus of this essay is the paradox bearded dragon. However, there will be more information about the various areas of the reptile. We’ll do our best to provide information that will help you become a more responsible member of this type of pet owner.

First, let’s discuss paradox bearded dragons. Then, we’ll go more specific and delve further into the issue.

Do Paradox Bearded Dragons Make Good Pets?

The most gentle and simple to tame creatures are the bearded dragons. They are among the most often kept reptiles as pets since they are such wonderful pets.

Breeders are still attempting to develop a completely healthy Paradox bearded dragon. Due of its various health problems, it is therefore highly uncommon to possess a paradox bearded dragon as a pet.

Due of its attractive look, a lot of bearded dragon owners prefer to keep a Paradox dragon as a pet. However, locating a paradox bearded dragon at the neighborhood store might be extremely challenging.

As was already established, breeding two hypo translucent bearded dragons results in paradox bearded dragons. The kids suffer from several health problems as a result.

Because of this, keeping a contradiction bearded dragon as a pet is definitely a bad choice. The price of keeping them as pets is another reason why it is not advisable. They are quite expensive and often pass away after a few months.

However, despite these issues, paradox bearded dragons are quite sociable creatures. These reptiles are quite active and like being held. A benefit of keeping them as pets is also their distinctive look.

Paradox bearded dragon: All the basics that you need to know

One of the most well-known varieties of bearded dragons is paradox, sometimes called paradox morph. It is not necessary to state that this version likewise came about through a technique similar to the ones used to create nearly all of the kinds.

Let’s briefly discuss the species’ overall introduction. We’ll then move on to the subject’s more technical aspects.

For what it’s worth, the paradox bearded dragon is among the species’ most exquisite forms. If one of your pals is carrying a stunning lizard in his or her arms and you do not already possess a bearded dragon.

A creature that is both stunning and breathtakingly gorgeous. If so, there’s a good probability you’ve encountered a contradiction bearded dragon. because this particular morph’s overall appearance is really unequaled.

The majority of the recommended images of paradox bearded dragons may appear when you search for bearded dragons internet. They are among the most expensive species of this animal due to their striking appearance and the uncommon gene pool they come from.

Let me provide you some further information about this species via pictures. One of the most exquisite and uncommon varieties of color patterns can be seen in paradox bearded dragons. They have many, varied color patches all over their bodies.

The amusing aspect of this is that these patches can emerge anywhere on the body at random. No particular symmetry or pattern can be found among them.

It’s similar to how you can’t anticipate grass seeds to grow in a certain pattern when you sow them. Any potential pattern can arise. As you can see, the color patches on the paradox bearded dragon are entirely arbitrary, but each and every one of them is stunning enough to enchant you.

The better dragon appears to have paint splatters or spray paint all over it. The color patches on the skin of contradiction bearded dragons are random, much like the pattern of splattered paint is impossible to anticipate.

Appearance Paradox Bearded Dragon

The paradox bearded dragons are among the most unique and sought-after bearded dragon morphs because of their attractive look.

The paradox morph bearded dragon’s appearance varies greatly. There is no obvious color or patch pattern. The big splotches of various hues that these dragons typically have look exceedingly unusual and out of place.

Bearded dragons are a contradiction because any color can have patches that are a completely different color. The contradiction beardies are frequently multicolored dragons, which makes them the most attractive bearded dragons.

Paradox Bearded Dragon Health Concern

Paradox Typically, bearded dragons have problems at birth.

A paradox bearded dragon will cause you more health problems than any other bearded dragon.

Several bearded dragon problems include

Mouth rot is a bacterial overgrowth that can develop over time in ill or immunocompromised bearded dragons. Dead tissue, redness, and pus flowing from the mouth area are some particularly unpleasant symptoms that might arise.

When your bearded dragon consumes a bad diet and doesn’t acquire enough calcium to maintain strong bones, metabolic bone disease results. If MBD isn’t detected in time, it might be deadly. This page will explain everything about MBD.

parasites – Some parasites have the potential to harm your bearded dragon. If your bearded dragon has parasites, you can literally determine by looking at their feces.

Impaction is when a foreign object becomes lodged in your bearded dragon’s digestive system. It is difficult to pass, and if it is severe enough, it might result in bleeding and necessitate surgery.

Feeding Your Paradox Bearded Dragon

Even though a bearded dragon constantly consumes the same kinds of foods, its diet varies throughout the course of its lifetime.

Your dragon will consume a variety of plant materials, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, weeds, grasses, and more, in addition to insects. Crickets, roaches, waxworms, mealworms, earthworms, and other similar insects are common insect feeders.

25% plant matter and 75% insects should make up the diet of infant dragons. Young dragons will consume almost equal amounts of insects and plant stuff. Only 25% of an adult’s diet should consist of insects, while 75% should be made up of plant stuff.

Variations and genetic details of paradox bearded dragon

A paradox bearded dragon’s color or pattern are impossible to predict. Most of the time, you may assume that the base color will have a slight orange tinge and that blue hues will be placed on top of it.

But it is incorrect. Even the base color and the pattern color are unpredictable.

Additionally, the pattern and base color could be combined in completely various ways.

The contradiction bearded dragons’ differences from one another can also be seen. Particularly in terms of their design or choice of colors.

However, if you consider the odds, the paradox bearded dragon has a purple/blue hue that is more typical. In actuality, this species of bearded dragon can come in any hue.

It will never be entirely predictable. Some bearded dragon breeders describe these these varieties of bearded dragons as purple paradoxes. The hue of the pattern is comparable to or slightly resembles the color purple, which is the explanation.

However, the reality is that this is mostly done to make the content sound more intriguing since paradox better Dragons are by far the greatest and most attractive bearded dragons ever.

Instead of the “purple” truth, it is nonetheless acknowledged that not all bearded dragons in the paradox class have paint that is purple or almost purple. As a result, there is still a strong likelihood that things will differ.

Threats To Paradox Bearded Dragons

Unfortunately, paradox bearded dragons tend to have serious birth abnormalities, malformations, as well as a variety of health problems. Typically, they are feeble or malformed from birth.

Due to this, it is not a good idea to breed two hypo transparent bearded dragons. Because of their health problems, paradox bearded dragons typically do not survive and pass away during the first few months of birth.

However, with the right care, a paradox bearded dragon may live a long and happy life if it is healthy enough to survive the first few months (which is pretty unusual).

These bearded dragons frequently have health problems as a result of poor environmental conditions. For example, inadequate humidity and temperature frequently lead to stress in them.

Numerous dangerous illnesses in bearded dragons frequently have stress as their primary cause. For instance, stress is a common contributor to upper respiratory infections (URIs).

Paradox Bearded Dragon Care Guide

Bearded dragon care should aim to replicate the natural as closely as possible without the stress of predators.

Because bearded dragons are used to a certain environment, they should consume specific foods to promote their growth and enrichment, especially as young animals.

Tank: A 75-gallon tank is the very minimum size required for an adult bearded dragon, while bigger tanks are preferred. One of the most common options is glass aquariums with screen covers. You must supply your dragon with several hiding spots within, such as logs and rocks.

You must take your dragon out of its enclosure once a month so that you may clean it with a bleach solution and disinfect it.

Bearded dragons require 12 to 14 hours of light each day. To keep your dragon healthy, be sure to select a reptile bulb that emits both UVA and UVB light.

Heating (Temperature & Humidity) – In order for dragons to control their body temperature, a rather sharp temperature gradient must be provided. A basking area at one end of the tank should be heated to a temperature of between 95 and 110 degrees.

A temperature of between 75 and 85 degrees should be maintained at the other end of the cage. Low 70s degrees may be reached at night without causing any problems. The heat lamp’s evaporation of water should easily maintain the humidity levels in your dragon’s habitat at roughly 30% to 50%.

There is disagreement about which sort of substrate is ideal, but there are numerous that you may use for a bearded dragon.

Ingesting bark, mulch, or gravel while feeding is likely to result in impaction, hence these should be avoided. Sand is a common material used by dragon keepers, however some people think it can also impaction. You can easily replace a safe substrate like newspaper or paper towels to keep the enclosure clean.

Breeding Behavior Paradox Bearded Dragon

Red Paradox Bearded Dragon | Bearded dragon, Red, Beard

The paradox bearded dragon is one of the most costly bearded dragons, sometimes costing in the hundreds of dollars, due to its exceptionally attractive look.

Their highly distinctive look makes them mostly collector’s goods. However, the breeders don’t place much importance on these bearded dragons. The simple explanation for this is that breeders are unable to make a paradox progeny by mating just two paradox bearded dragons.

The breeders must cross-breed two hypo translucent bearded dragons in order to create a desirable Paradox offspring. Due to the several health issues that occur in the progeny of such bearded dragons, this presents many obstacles in their breeding process.

This is why accidental breeding results in a lot of Paradox bearded dragons. Due to their great demand, some breeders are attempting to intentionally generate them.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, one of the most striking bearded dragon morphs is the paradox morph. A paradox bearded dragon is also a very amiable and loving lizard, just like other bearded dragons are.

Because of their health problems, these bearded dragons are relatively rare. But if they can make it through the first several months after birth, then generally speaking, their health issues pose less of a hazard.

They are the most distinctive and unquestionably the most beautiful bearded dragon morph. Their counterintuitive color combinations and recognizable patterns make them a sight to see.