How To Keep Ducks Out Of Pool

Even while ducks in pools aren’t always an issue, once you’ve had them, you know how difficult it is to get rid of them. To the best of your ability, you should endeavor to prevent them from ever arriving there. Ducks can land in an above-ground pool, however they are more likely to do so in an inground pool.

We’re going to give you some advice on how to keep ducks out of your pool if you reside in a region where they frequently invade homes. We will do our best to provide you with a sample product wherever feasible, but keep in mind that they are only examples. In most instances, similar items will perform equally well.

Continue reading as we go over these 11 easy methods for keeping ducks out of your pool.

How to Get Rid of Ducks Around Your Pool

Do wild ducks or geese keep around your pool, causing you problems? They may be entertaining to watch or cute to look at, but if you start finding bird droppings or can’t enjoy your pool in peace and quiet, issues may arise.

Additionally, if you observe a couple of birds swimming, there’s a good possibility that they’ll start mating and laying eggs in your yard shortly.

You need to frighten them away before this occurs. Here are some easy steps anybody may do to stop birds from ever landing in their swimming pool. Some of these ideas will also help for keeping them out of your yard/garden.

Here’s how to prevent ducks from entering your pool.

Invest in a Solar Cover

Do not mistake this with a standard pool cover. Pool coverings are nice and all, but their use is fairly straightforward. More advantages than just keeping your pool area covered from the weather may be obtained from solar coverings.

Sun coverings are often used to block off solar radiation and stop any water evaporation.

This will not only prevent you from having to replenish your pool more frequently, but it may also result in a 15-degree increase in water temperature. Instead of taking the time to heat up your pool, that will make it immediately usable.

Better still, solar coverings are offered in a variety of sizes and styles. Finding the form you require to match your pool the finest is now simpler.

A poorly fitted sun cover may give space for ducklings to crawl below and become stuck, so be sure to order the correct size.

Thus, a solar cover is not only a fantastic method to stop dirt and leaves from falling into your pool, but it will also keep the ducks out and keep your pool warmer. That offers your pool high-quality protection.

Put Out Some Animal Pool Toys When You’re Not Around

Ducks dislike being near predators, much as any other smaller animal. If there are predators in the waterways they go through, they will probably search for another landing area. In order to deter them, consider utilizing inflatable animal toys if your pool doesn’t have a cover.

With these inflatable toys, there are many different animals to pick from. Anything that would deter ducks from landing in your pool, such as a killer whale, snake, alligator, or dolphin, is an option.

The drawback to this is that the ducks could realize the creatures are only floating and not truly moving. They might not be discouraged from landing in your pool for very long if they find this out.

This can be particularly annoying since it can seem like the ducks are being particularly obstinate.

Although this could be one of the less expensive strategies for deterring ducks from your pool, it might also turn out to be one of the least successful strategies.

Use a motion sensor sprinkler

I call this the repeller for animals. Similar to an insect repeller, but in a kind and ecologically responsible way. This battery-operated yard enforcer serves as a kind of guard for your pool and lawn.

A modest amount of water is released when the sensor is triggered, but it is enough to spray as far as the animal (or unaware human) who triggered it.

In order to avoid having your clothing wet when you forget to switch off the sprinkler before utilizing the pool or strolling in the yard.

Own a Dog

Use a live predator if artificial predators don’t work. Owning a dog will quickly end your duck invasion. Dogs are one of the predators of ducks, who are easily frightened. These ducks will leave your pool as soon as they see or hear your pet. Even though this approach is more reactive, it has a chance of working.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that not all dogs are as eager to chase and growl at ducks. Furthermore, not all ducks are naturally frightened of dogs, so you might need to educate your dog to constantly chase those quacking ducks away.

But maybe hold off on getting a cat. Dogs are noisy and scare the ducks away, but cats are silent duck-killing ninjas. Cats may kill them before they run away in fear. Dogs make a scene but don’t hurt the ducks.

The Pool Guarding Gator

You could be intrigued in the gator protecting the pool, depending on your feelings about alligators. He flounders around the pool subtly, making eye contact with the birds, and effortlessly scares them away. Nobody wants to encounter a crocodile.

This choice has several benefits and drawbacks:

Look at the sizes of the gators you’re considering buying; some are too little to frighten birds.

It might fail. This floatable variant is only useful for frightening the neighbors and serving as a pool toy for ducks who might not even know what a gator is.

Some reviews are excellent, while others claim it is ineffective. You decide if you believe a ferocious alligator will work.

excellent for practical jokes.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Let’s face it, these pool cleaners have the power to frighten far greater animals than a duck. Considering how easily terrified ducks may be, having the automated cleaner should be sufficient to deter them. The bottom of your pool is kept clean by that large machine going around as a bonus.

The sound of this large pool cleaner should drive the ducks away even if its appearance doesn’t. The noise from vacuums, which may be rather loud, may be enough to cause the ducks to select an alternative location to land and play in.

However, there are certain individuals who lack an automatic pool cleaning. This is a pricey method to just get rid of some ducks if you didn’t plan to acquire one to clean your pool.

This is a simple remedy if you already have one, but other pool owners might not have easy access to one.

Time to get the garden hose out

Please remember that chasing these creatures away with a garden hose is not harsh or inhumane. While spraying undesirable animals with the hose won’t harm them, it will prevent them from accessing your pool, deck, or grass as well as dissuade them from returning.

Because any animal that comes into contact with a high-pressure hose would be harmed, we DO NOT advise using one. Use nothing except a basic garden hose. You might not even need to wash the animals; instead, attempt to direct the water around or alongside them.

Man’s Best Friend

Going back to the notion of displaying a predator to frighten the ducks, a genuine one should work better than a phony one.

A dog should make keeping the ducks away quite simple. Those annoying ducks should be kept at bay by even a little dog, who frequently barks quite a bit.

Since ducks are so readily startled, dogs are a natural predator for them. The ducks should be deterred from landing in your pool just by seeing the dog.

The catch here is that dog owners incur the chance of the ducks still landing in the pool if they keep their dogs inside. The dog can certainly frighten them off, but this may be more reactionary than proactive.

It’s crucial to understand that not all dog breeds will bother to pursue or bark at the ducks. Certain ducks will undoubtedly be braver than others, practically daring the canines to pursue them.

It’s important to note that a cat is probably not the best choice for this job. They usually don’t make a sound when they stalk the ducks and kill them. Typically, we only want to get rid of the ducks instead of killing them.

Dogs that pursue and bark at ducks can be effective at creating a disturbance without actually killing the ducks.

Balloons aren’t just for Birthday parties

Blown balloons can be thrown into the pool as a cheap and eye-catching alternative. Similar to having a pool full of toys that float, but with balloons.

Consider using balloons as an alternative if you prefer to maintain your pool toys and want to keep them clean and out of the water.

Balloons come in a wide range of forms, dimensions, and hues, and they can be decorated with a number of patterns and images. Perhaps you’ll feel like it’s your birthday every day since when we think of balloons, we think of birthday celebrations.

In order to prevent them from becoming trapped in the filter, you should check on the balloons frequently and make sure to remove any that may have popped while in the pool.

Duck Off

Yes, pool owners encounter this issue frequently. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there is a product on the market designed to particularly address this problem. Duck Off is a solution that may safely get rid of the ducks from your pool.

The surface tension of the water is broken by this substance. What exactly does this do? It makes swimming in the water uncomfortable for the ducks. Even if they fall into the water, they won’t linger there for very long.

They ought to learn after repeated use that your pool is not a good place for them to land.

The catch here is that some pool owners choose to just add the necessary amount of chemicals to their pool. If you are simply tired of the ducks and wish to stop them from returning, this might be a terrific final option.

Solar light owls and other solar garden objects

It is not required to be an owl! Solar lights come in so many various shapes and sizes, including owls, butterflies, cats, dogs, and even cows. You have a plethora of options here.

Solar lights may be a terrific addition to the yard since they look cool and unusual, add character, and in most cases, drive away unwelcome pests, even though they are less effective in the daylight. like a scarecrow, almost.

Some solar garden decorations have the ability to move and produce noise in the wind, which may also deter birds.

Basic Maintenance

Despite not precisely being a predator, a well kept pool can function as a natural barrier for ducks.

Verify that your pool is free of any floating trash, leaves, or sticks. Maintain proper chlorine levels in your pool to deter germs and illness as well.

Pond water is what ducks prefer. The appearance and scent of clean water differ from pond water when it has the right amount of chlorine. This may be sufficient to deter the ducks and send them off in search of another location.

The pool area operates along the same principle. There may be a draw for the ducks if there are a lot of leaves and other trash.

Give them every excuse you can to avoid your pool and seek out an other gathering spot.

Your Best Option Is to Scare the Ducks Away

Simply frighten away any ducks that are lingering in your pool or visiting it. All they want is a place to swim, eat, and breed. Just because they are swimming and peeing in your pool does not justify killing them.

It is usually preferable to avoid having them there in the first place. Let me know in the comments if you have any more advice for keeping ducks away from swimming pools.

To the best of the author’s knowledge, this article is accurate and truthful. Content is provided solely for informative or entertainment reasons and should not be relied upon as a substitute for consulting with a lawyer or other qualified business, financial, legal, or technical professional.


We’re convinced that if you stick to these 11 suggestions, you’ll be able to permanently deter ducks from your pool. The owl, spooky pool accessories, and pool netting are all suggested. These supplies are inexpensive and should be more than sufficient to complete the task.

After that, we advise moving on to the motion-activated gadgets, the dog, and the robotic pool cleaner if you’re still noticing ducks surrounding your pool. We only support the other stages when they fail.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act forbids shooting or harming birds while they are migrating. Additionally, you are not permitted to disrupt, move, or destroy any of their nests or eggs. All you can do is make an effort to keep them from touching down in your pool.

We hope that this tutorial has inspired you to attempt a few fresh ideas. Please share these 11 easy techniques to keep ducks out of your pool on Facebook and Twitter if you found it useful and instructive.