How To Keep Birds Off Porch

It is hardly a kind welcome when pigeons, crows, sparrows, and other birds land on your porch. Instead, the unpleasant odors and pecking your porch has experienced will cause you migraines.

And it goes without saying that your porch doesn’t seem particularly inviting right now. Before it has an impact on your home and interpersonal relationships, you must take action and find a solution to the bird problem on your porch.

Birds flocking to your porch creates the impression of what your house is like inside, which may seem a little over the top. Do you recall the cliché “initial impressions last”? To a certain extent, this is accurate because guests will enter your home through the porch. It would be an unattractive (and unclean) welcome if it smells like feces.

If you are a victim of the infamous bird nesting, dropping, or pecking, don’t worry. You may use simple tricks to drive the birds away. You can give the following a try as soon as you can:

Effective Methods of Repelling Birds From Your Patio

How can you prevent birds from peeing on your porch then? Easy.

There are cost-effective solutions to this issue, so you may get fantastic results without breaking the bank. We’ll outline a few techniques that have been successfully used to deter birds.

You can choose to try them all or stick with one. The good news is that you can stop cleaning up bird excrement thanks to these techniques. So climb in and let’s get going.

Sound Repellents

There are several different types of sound repellents that are used to scare away birds using noise. Birds can be repelled with the help of sonic devices that imitate their distress calls.

These repellents make birds believe that other birds are in danger nearby, which may lead them to avoid the area. Depending on the sort of bird you want to scare away, you may employ a different sound repellant.

Birds will return if there is no threat since they may quickly get used to different kinds of sounds over time. It might be necessary to frequently modify the frequency, volume, and sound patterns to maintain efficacy.

Remove Any Materials That Can Be Used As A Nest

The fact that birds can get the ingredients they need to make nests on your doorstep is one of the reasons they keep coming back. Take out any twigs, dry leaves, or other anything that may be utilized to construct a nesting area.

Even though the birds may not have intended to poop on your doorstep, it nonetheless happened. See whether keeping your porch free of the dried leaves makes a difference.

You should also examine to see if the branches of the yard tree extend close to the foundation of your house. If so, it’s likely that this is the cause of the birds’ recurring presence on your doorstep and their unattractive gifts.

If you can, trim these areas so that your porch receives direct light. As a method to get rid of birds on the porch, this will eventually get rid of the dropping stench.

In order to efficiently relocate the birds if there is already a nest on your porch, try employing a wildlife removal service.

Remove open water source

Birds are attracted to water. For this reason, many home owners who enjoy birds construct birdbaths. Therefore, you must eliminate any areas of your porch that have standing water or exposed water sources. This is one another strategy to deter birds from patios.

Additionally, eliminating any open water guarantees that mosquitoes cannot overtake your porch.

Check for pooled water after rain in addition to standing water. Eliminate birds and insects as they commonly visit the water pools. Additionally, exposed water may emit a bad stench. Your porch seems cleaner without standing water and water that pools there.

Plastic Predator Birds

You’ll most frequently encounter robins, sparrows, crows, blackbirds, starlings, and mourning doves in and near your outdoor areas.

You can take advantage of the fact that certain bird species are aware to keep their distance from predatory birds, primarily hawks and owls.

Most hardware and home supply stores sell plastic owls and hawks. The predator bird should be placed on your fence or a prominent limb of a neighboring tree.

When birds encounter these pretend predators, they will know to flee the area. Just make sure you move the predator bird’s location sometimes so that other birds don’t become used to seeing it in the same spot all the time.

Place A Bird Feeder Away From Your Porch

Stop feeding the birds once, and then whine about their droppings on your doorstep. Not only does feeding the birds make them defecate, but it also encourages them to return.

Place a feeder somewhere in your backyard where the birds can be less intrusive if they still continue to land on your doorstep. You will still have to pick up some bird droppings after this, though.

Some homeowners don’t care if the areas of their yard that aren’t visible become unclean as long as the porch looks spotless. Add a birdbath close to the feeder to give the chirping birds something thing to do, keeping them all together in one spot.

Don’t forget to take away any food sources from your porch; if you leave them there, birds will still eat from them even if there is a separate feeder present. That is a crucial method for getting rid of birds on the porch.

Hang shiny objects

Due of their capacity to reflect light, dazzling things terrify birds. It is therefore perfect for hanging glistening ornamental things from your terrace.

Through the use of hanging reflective CD art, spiral metallic rods, tiny mirrors, shining butterfly- or other shape-shaped things, glassy balls, and other glossy items ideal for porch decor, you can easily deter birds.

The greatest place to hang these dazzling objects is near the patio’s entrance. Such decorations may make your property look more beautiful.

Ultrasonic Sound System

There are several different sound systems available that are intended to discourage birds from perching in your yard. One of them generates a sound so high in pitch that it cannot be heard by humans but will frighten away birds.

The majority of these devices are motion-activated, so they will begin operating as soon as they detect a bird flying nearby.
Additionally, there are sound systems that play noises of raptors or of distressed birds. Both of these will serve as a warning to birds that the region is unsafe—yet another method of discouraging them.

Depending on what you’re looking for, any of the systems described above might cost anywhere from $30 to $200. These sound systems may be rather advanced.

The particular species of bird that you want to scare away may be programmed.

Install A Repellent Device

Install a bird repellant device right away if everything else fails and you don’t have the patience to use some distraction techniques.

This device will make high-frequency noises that the birds will find bothersome and can be either battery- or electricity-powered. The birds will take off when the gadget is turned on because of the loud noise that only animals can hear.

The only drawback is that the high-frequency sound may irritate your wandering cat. However, because the sound is short-wavelength, it cannot penetrate solid barriers. When your pet is in another room, it is secure.

Look into the ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Repeller, which not only deters birds but also other animals that keep causing damage to your porch and garden.

There is nothing else to do but turn on the solar-powered gadget to get rid of the birds on the porch.

Bright white paint

A patio is a gorgeous spot, and it’s the first thing visitors see. You are therefore free to paint it anyway you choose. However, it is strongly advised to paint your patio a bright white color if you wish to keep birds off of your porch. Birds would undoubtedly avoid the area if they spotted this color since they detest it.

If you can’t take the idea of having your entire porch painted a blinding white, pick out a few accent pieces. Have white furniture, a wall, or a fence, for instance. Pinwheels, windchimes, and other white decorations are also options.

Spinning Pinwheels

There were no items discovered. You know those bright, sparkling pinwheels that are a favorite among kids? Those pinwheels work really well for deterring birds.

Birds are scared of them because they spin wildly when the wind strikes them, creating motion and noise. Birds are also scared away by the light that reflects off the metallic material used to make the pinwheels.

Depending on where you’ve seen the worst bird droppings, affix the pinwheels to the top of your fence or deck railing. These inexpensive miniature pinwheels are available at dollar stores or toy shops for kids.

While the simple, vibrant ones will fine, if at all feasible, choose the ones made of a bright or metallic substance. If you have kids, there is another excellent choice that is also quite affordable.

Show The Shiny Things

The ultrasonic gadget is out the window if you have several dogs and cats. You might investigate various techniques of driving the fowls away. Start by hanging some flashy, reflecting items from your porch and entryway. Some of these bird proofing-specific items are available for purchase online.

The Homescape Creations Bird Repellent Scare Rods are one of my favorites. The spiraling rods are each 15 inches long, therefore it is advisable to put them on your porch so as not to detract from the beauty of your entryway. Actually, it has a decorative impact.

The rods will dazzle when exposed to light, and the reflection will confuse the birds. They’ll be terrified, particularly if the rods are moving in a spiral. For the most effective methods of removing birds from the porch, combine it with an owl bird repellent made by the same company.

Run a fishing line

The accessibility of the railing is one of the factors contributing to birds’ ease in defecating on your deck.

Fix this issue by running a fishing line above the deck railing. To make this tactic more successful, keep your distance of two inches from the top of the railing. The birds are kept off balance by a fishing line, which prevents them from landing correctly on your doorstep.

The birds won’t frequent your deck if you run a fishing line. There won’t be any feces to clean up as a result.

Wind Chimes

On this list, wind chimes are arguably the bird repellent that looks the best and sounds the best. Additionally, wind chimes have dual power.

The dazzling, reflected light that emanates from the metal objects repels birds. Additionally, they don’t enjoy the sound since they don’t recognize or comprehend it.

Wind chimes can be hung from trees, your fence, your porch’s overhang, or one of the metal hooks they frequently come with.

The wonderful thing about wind chimes is that it won’t be evident that you’re using them to frighten birds away; instead, they’ll just appear to be a decorative element in your yard or patio. Additionally, the sound they produce is quite soothing.

Make Your Light Fixtures Irritating

As a result, your porch lacks a food supply, any trees that may reach your home, and any feeding. Who is responsible? the porch lighting. Birds can nest here on your porch since it is warm enough for them.

Actually, due of the heat it produces when in use, it’s the ideal spot to put their eggs for hatching. However, this does not need you to take the light fixture down. Simply make it difficult or uncomfortable to land at the upper area.

Installing proper bird spikes on the fixture is one method to achieve this. The Abco Bird Spikes are among the greatest choices because they are made of plastic and won’t ruin the appearance of your porch light.

You may trim each spike, which is around 48 cm long, to fit around the top of your light fixture. Make your fence or roof ledge bird-proof by using the extra spikes.

Reflective Bird Diverters

Reflective bird diverters aren’t the most attractive objects in the world, but they perform the job and are reasonably priced.

Small, circular tags called reflective bird diverters are hung from fences, tree branches, and other nearby structures. Each tag has a picture that’s designed to resemble the eye of a predator bird.

These “eyes” will fool other birds into believing there are predator birds around. Additionally, the wind will move the tags back and forth, giving the impression that the predators are moving near the birds.

Bird diverters typically cost $20 for a pack, and you can get them at most hardware and outdoor retailers. This is another another simple and affordable answer.

Bring Out The Owl

Larger birds tend to ignore various scare tactics, like crows and wild pigeons. If this occurs, you can frighten them away with a fake owl with eerie eyes. This will make it appear as though there is a predator nearby, alarming the birds.

To ensure that the fear lasts as long as possible, the idea is to continually move the owl in different locations each day. Crows are quite intelligent animals, and if a decoy scare doesn’t move, they can tell.

The Visual Scare Horned Owl Deterrent is one approach to get rid of birds on the porch. This owl model differs from others in that it has movable wings and a floating appearance when placed on a bar.

It features a 44-inch wingspan and a basic mechanical system that will enable it to flap in the event of wind. If you put this on your porch, even people will think it’s a real owl!


Remember that you can fix the issue of bird droppings covering your outside areas. Whether the problem is with your deck, porch, patio, fence, or pool, perhaps these solutions have provided you some suggestions for how to successfully address the situation.

In the comments section below, please let us know if you’ve had luck with any of these strategies. Don’t forget to pass along these suggestions to your relatives and friends in case they are also struggling with bird droppings in their yards or outdoor areas.