Black Chicken Eggs

eggs from black chickens This is what you will discover in this post, then. It seems unusual, odd, and strange enough to make one wonder whether this is true.

Just try to picture black chicken eggs in your hands, complete with black yolks.

If it’s real, you might need to consider whether to consume it more than once.

Some of you could feel repulsed, while others may believe this is incredibly difficult. To reiterate, this is only true “if.”

The Ayam Cemani Chicken is The Reason For The Black Chicken Egg Rumors

And that makes logic; after all, if the chicken’s tongue and everything else is black, then its eggs should be, too.
Unfortunately, one can only image the dismay of a new owner of an Ayam Cemani when they expect the first black egg and instead receive a cream-colored egg.

What’s worse is that some breeders give their customers the impression that the eggs from their birds will be black. In reality, there are several articles in circulation that make this same claim.
Therefore, as with everything else, thoroughly investigate your breeds to prevent disappointment when your chickens begin to produce their first eggs.

So, Do Black Chicken Eggs Really Exist?

People who are interested in black chicken breeds may make assumptions regarding the presence of black chicken eggs.

There are various black chicken breeds, as you may already be aware.

In fact, the whole body of the black chicken breeds is black, including the feathers, face, ears, comb, beak, legs, skin, flesh, and bones.

Perhaps some individuals also believe that black chicken breeds lay black eggs.

Well, it would be wise to first discuss black chicken breeds before discussing black eggs.

Do you know what Cemani Chicken is? How about Kadaknath Chicken? If you truly adore hens, you must be aware of what breeds are black.

You are currently unaware of the existence of black eggs. But you’ll be aware that there are black chicken breeds.

Ayam Cemani

Due to its unusual black hue, the name Ayam Cemani is rather well known in the world of poultry birds. Yes, there are several chicken varieties that have black exteriors, and many of them have black wings covering their entire bodies.

The Ayam Cemanis is all black, which distinguishes it from other black chicken breeds. The Ayam Cemanis have black feathers, beaks, eyes, and claws in addition to their all-black bodies.

An Ayam Cemani’s flesh, bones, and other internal organs are all black if you skin one. They have been given that name.

Ayam is the Indonesian word for chicken, while cemani is the Javanese word for anything or someone that is completely black in color. Indonesia is the native country of the ayam cemani. According to the Indonesians, their ancestors came from Temanggung, a regency in the Indonesian province of Central Java.

Do you ever wonder why the Ayam Cemanis is so intensely black? Fibromelanosis is the diagnosis for the query you posed. A genetic abnormality known as fibromelanosis results in hyperpigmentation in hens, rendering them completely black from the inside out.

They do not all have completely black organs, though. Take their tongue or blood, for instance. Their tongue is grey, and their blood is a dark crimson.

The Ayam Cemanis are revered by Indonesia’s indigenous people because of their distinctive colour. It is believed that these black chickens have supernatural abilities and may bring great success to the family that owns them in Indonesian culture. These chickens are also adored by many people for their distinctive flesh. It’s Ayam.

As a result, Cemani chickens are highly costly, both in Indonesia and on the global market.
These chicks make outstanding backyard pets. They make energetic and sociable companions and are quite healthy and muscular. They get along nicely with various breeds of chicken and are not often frightened.

The American Poultry Association (APA) and the American Bantam Association (ABA) are not yet recognized by Ayam Cemanis, despite their widespread popularity.

Kadaknath Chicken

In addition to cemani chicken, there is Indian-native Kadaknath Chicken. One of the world’s black chicken breeds is the Kadaknath chicken.

In addition, they are all black from head to toe and have flesh, bones, and internal organs. Black chicken from Kadaknath is renowned for being flavorful and healthy.

Furthermore, Kadaknath chicken costs a lot and is just as nutritious as cemani chicken.

The color of the feather is what makes Cemani Chicken unique. Kadaknath Chicken has black feathers with a greenish iridescence, in contrast to Cemani Chicken’s solid-black feathers.

But both are common black chicken breeds in different parts of the world.

You now need to be aware of a few black chicken varieties that are reputed to lay black eggs.

Do those hens lay black eggs when they ovulate? We’ll see.

The Genetics Behind the Black Chicken

Whether or not they are black, ayam cemani is a sight to behold. No other chicken has as much pigmentation over its body as this lovely one.
National Geographic
investigated the mystery of the black chicken and egg to learn the truth about the black chicken and the cause of the colour.

Here is what they discovered: Endothelin 3, or EDN3, is a gene found in most vertebrates that regulates, among other things, skin color.

Additionally, throughout the normal development of a chicken, specific cells, such as those in the follicles that produce skin and feathers, express the gene EDN3, which causes melanoblasts, or the cells that eventually produce color, to migrate.

For those of us who aren’t particularly interested in genetics, it’s a lot to process. But for those who obsess on the science of the problem, it’s a useful explanation.

Do Those Black Chicken Breeds Lay Black Eggs?

Returning to the primary subject of black chicken eggs. You are aware of the fact that Kadaknath Chicken and Cemani Chicken are both black on the inside and exterior.

This has led to the widespread misconception that Cemani and Kadaknath Chicken may produce black eggs.

Most individuals would select Cemani Chicken or Kadaknath Chicken while hunting for birds that lay black eggs for sale.

Do they actually produce black eggs, though? In any case, just because Cemani Chicken and Kadaknath Chicken are black doesn’t imply they can lay black eggs.

This chicken is black because of a rare hereditary disorder called fibromelanosis.

Due to genetic changes brought on by this illness, the chicken has more melanin than usual.

But Cemani chicken cannot produce black eggs. Why? A source claims that the genetic defect that gives chickens their black color cannot affect the egg shell.

It shields the eggs from the elements outside.

If you actually believe that Cemani can produce black eggs, you will be disappointed. What shade of color are Cemani chicken eggs, if not black? See the response below.

What Is The Color of Cemani Chicken Eggs?

Ayam cemani eggs are cream in color, like the eggs of other varieties of chicken. has a hue that is identical to others. What sets it apart is when the egg yolk, which starts off yellow and gradually turns black, occurs (but not totally black). When the embryo begins to form, it indicates that the egg is healthy and will start to develop into a chick.

Therefore, black chicken eggs are a fiction. Yes. If you’ve ever heard the idea that owning a chicken that can produce black eggs will bring good fortune, you should disregard it.

The majority of Indonesians still hold this view. The legend surrounding Cemani chicken’s supernatural abilities is based on its illustrious background.

Other Black Chicken Breeds Available

There are additional varieties of chicken outside the Ayam Cemani, the most popular black chicken breed, that don’t deposit black eggs;

Both the Jersey Giant and the Auatralorp have lovely black sheens, however neither of these chicken breeds produce black eggs or have an all black beak, bone, or comb.

The Silkie chicken is a different breed, nevertheless, with coloring characteristics resembling those of the Ayam Cemani.

The Silkie is unique in that it is available in a range of hues. This fluffy breed comes in several colors, including blue, white, splash, and black.

The reality is that the skin color of all of these types is black.

Of course, the Silkie has stunning black skin, flesh, and bones even in the white variety.

Some farmers have started breeding the Silkie and selling it to restaurants as a delicacy.

Nevertheless, despite the dressed Silkie’s unusual size and look, its flavor is not considerably different from that of other chickens.

What Breed Of Chicken Lays a Black Egg?

If you ever come across images of black eggs on the internet, what kind of egg is that? It goes without saying that it is a fake. There is no evidence to date that black chicken eggs exist.

Therefore, if someone were to inquire: What type of chicken lays a black egg?

There are no hens that lay black eggs, therefore the solution is obvious. So, do you still want to purchase black chicken eggs? Sadly, you will never come across it anyplace.

Black eggs are only myths when it comes to poultry, it goes without saying. It is plausible, nevertheless, if we consider the kind of bird that produces black eggs.

Do you wish to learn?

Okay, just so you know, there is one kind of bird that can lay black eggs—they are not chicken eggs. In reality, it is not as completely dark as you may think.

Emu: The Only Bird That Lays Black Eggs

After its flightless sibling, the ostrich, the emu is the second-largest bird to ever live on Earth. These Australian native birds can’t fly because of their fragile feathers.

They are excellent runners because of their long neck and legs. The aggressive male emus regularly fight among themselves. Young emus are reared by their dads, not their mothers, unlike other animals and birds.

Color Your Own Eggs Naturally

In the meanwhile, if you’re dissatisfied that there aren’t any hens who lay black eggs, you can always naturally dye your own.

The black chicken eggs we’ve seen online have undoubtedly been dyed or altered in some way to make them appear that way. So, if you like the way those eggs appear, make your own!

An all-natural approach to make an egg black is to use activated charcoal. To get the desired colour, infuse activated charcoal in water and vinegar, then soak the egg in the infusion for whatever long you’d like.

The Cayuga Duck Produces Black Eggs (Sometimes)

The Cayuga Duck is another bird that occasionally produces black eggs. The eggs are laid at the start of the season, and as time goes on, they progressively turn white.

The duck’s capacity to deposit black eggs early in the season may possibly be a result of its genetic makeup.

Chicken Breed that Almost Lays Black Chicken eggs

After examining the emerald-colored emu egg, the sometimes black duck egg, and the presumed black chicken eggs.

However, if you still like eggs that are somewhat similar to black, there are certain hens, such as the Maran models, who produce eggs that are a lovely dark chocolate hue rather than black.

And certain strains of this type of chicken lay darker eggs than others.

For instance, a rich chocolate-colored egg with dark flecks is laid by the Black Copper Maran.

Therefore, this egg layer is a good option if you want to add the darkest egg possible to your Easter egger baskets.

In addition, you have birds who lay pink, green, blue, and typical white eggs in addition to the lighter, more conventional browns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the truly black chicken breeds’ eggs not also black? Due to a genetic defect that prevents the black on their bodies from reaching the eggshell, the eggs of real black chicken breeds are not black.

Do Silkies produce blue eggs? In contrast, the Silkie’s eggs are cream in hue. Another myth, according to which a chicken’s earlobe color dictates the color of its eggs, is the one about Silkies producing blue eggs. However, as you can see in the case of the Silkies, this is untrue. The eggs that silkies deposit are cream-colored, but they have blue earlobes.

Will mating the Ayam Cemani with any other breed of chicken result in the production of black eggs? The Ayam Cemanis can be crossed with other varieties of chicken. Since none of the parents of the originating hybrid are black egg-laying breeds, it is unlikely that the hybrid will produce black eggs.

Is it feasible to breed hens from Kadaknath and Ayam Cemani together? It is unheard of for Ayam Cemani and Kadaknath chickens to interbreed, most likely as a result of their differing nativity. It is feasible to interbreed these two, though, if you can locate them together.

Are Ayam Cemanis an uncommon breed of chicken? Yes, the Ayam Cemani is among the world’s rarest breeds of chicken. The Dong Tao chickens, Naked Neck chickens, Vorwerk chickens, Onagadori chickens, and Golden Campine chickens are the other unique chicken breeds in addition to these.

What breeds of chicken produce pink eggs? Asil, Light Sussex, and Barred Rock hens are the breeds of chickens known for producing pink eggs. The Easter Eggers may also lay pink eggs because to their rainbow DNA.