Bearded Dragons Toys

Many owners forget to buy toys for their pets when they buy a bearded dragon. All of their considerations are related to the enclosure, but just that!

But we promise you, toys are a must.

Like other animals, bearded dragons require enrichment, and playing with toys is a wonderful way to give it to them. Additionally, you may utilize this opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your pet.

You may learn about some of our favorite bearded dragon toys in this article, along with some entertaining activities you can perform with them.

Best Toys for Bearded Dragons

Have you ever wondered how bearded dragons prefer to play or what they enjoy doing? Fortunately, buying children the RIGHT toys doesn’t cost a fortune. In reality, it can be simpler than you think to keep your bearded dragon content.

As a result, the below toys are surprisingly cheap and are likely to please bears of all ages.

So, if you’ve been looking for advice on how to amuse a bearded dragon, simply continue reading.

Bearded Dragon Balls

Probably the first toy you should think about getting for your bearded dragon is this one. The majority of beardie owners have stated that playing with balls stimulates their animals.

Your pet lizard could or might not respond when you put the ball toward it because not all beardies enjoy playing with balls, though.

When a bearded person pushes or pursues the ball about, they are having fun. On the other hand, uninterested beardies will disregard the ball.

Make careful to get a colorful ball for your bearded dragon since beardies are drawn to items that are vividly colored.

Additionally, the ball should be lightweight to make it easier for the lizard to play.

You may buy two different sorts of balls for your bearded dragon. You may choose between feeder balls and ordinary balls.

The latter is true of balls that have tiny holes through which your beardie can ingest insects and worms. The walls of the feeder balls are transparent, allowing the lizard to view the food within with ease.

Because they want to get to the meal, the beardie will be motivated to chase the ball as a consequence. For beardies that don’t want to play with ordinary balls, this might be a great alternative.

Make a Feeder Ball

Giving your Bearded Dragon a feeder ball to play with will allow you to take things a step further than simply playing with a tennis ball.

A “feeder ball” is just a clear plastic ball that is packed with live insects if you’re wondering what it is.

These “feeder balls” aren’t available in stores, as far as I know, so you’ll need to get crafty and construct one yourself.

This may be done with a wide variety of balls, including whiffle balls and practice golf balls. You may get them on Amazon; I’ve posted a link to some reasonably priced, high-quality whiffle balls that are ideal for constructing feeder balls in this article.

The only thing you have to do is cover all but one of the ball’s holes with clear adhesive tape. You offer the ball to your bearded dragon after filling it with live insects.

As your dragon tries to get to the food within, watch in awe. As they feverishly strive to reach the insects, the feeder ball will provide them with a great deal of excitement.

This fantastic toy/game costs very little to make and will provide you and your bearded dragon with hours of entertainment.

Make sure to give the contents of the ball to your dragon after you’re done, since it is one thing you must accomplish. If not, they will become anxious since they can’t access the food that is within the ball.

In order to provide your Bearded Dragons the insects within the feeder ball as part of their meal later, I advise utilizing the feeder ball immediately before their real feeding time.

Reptabox Creations Bearded Dragon Cave

Are you seeking for a cozy place for your bearded dragon to rest? The Bearded Dragon Cave by ReptaboxCreations is the only place to go.

For your beardie, it will be a comfortable, snug atmosphere because to its birch plywood structure.

To add a little more personalization, you may also have their name engraved on it.

The cave is also rather resilient, so it should last for many years in a bearded dragon’s tank.

Why and How It Compares to Others. It is superior to other bearded dragon caves because of the customisation and lovely look. It ought to fit into your bearded dragon’s tank without any gaps.

Additionally, you’ll gain a lot from this brand’s quick shipment and first-rate customer service. Even a few other customers mentioned this feature in their individual evaluations.

More significantly, it will provide them a beautiful setting in which to experience brumation. It is the ideal complement to any tank with adequate equipment.


Although hides may not appear to be toys in the conventional sense, they are a great new environment for a bearded dragon to explore.

When bearded dragons live in the wild, they enjoy digging burrows and entering small areas secretly. There aren’t many areas like that to use in most cages. hides support to deal with that.

Hides are essentially tiny shelters. Consider them like a house inside a house. A hide provides your beardie with more privacy as well as a cozy, secure area to hang out.

There are several variations of hides. Larger molded skins are frequently made to resemble caverns. They could also include other characteristics like many rooms or stairs.

Overturned containers or homemade wooden shelters can also be used if money is tight. Any container you choose should be big enough for your lizard to enter securely.

​​A Cat Wand

This is a nice toy to try out since your dragon could like being able to chase around a toy hanging off a cat wand. What could be superior? Cat wands are a fantastic alternative for those on a tight budget because they are also quite cheap!

One piece of advice: stay away from the ones with feathers because your dragon shouldn’t be eating them at all.

Personally, I enjoy watching my bearded dragon engage in cat wand play. It’s certainly one of my favorite available toy alternatives because you can interact with them in this way.

Bearded Dragon Floaties

Additionally, floaties make excellent bearded dragon toys. Additionally, they improve bath times, particularly when caring for beardies who don’t appreciate spending a lot of time in the water.

Baths are also necessary for Bearded dragons since they help them shed. Besides that, a floatie can encourage your lizard to regard bath periods as entertainment and regular bathing can avoid fecal impaction in the beardie’s vent.

Your Bearded dragon will have a place to unwind in between baths if you choose the proper flotation device.

Some floaties for bearded dragons are shaped like collar rings so the lizard may poke its head through the opening and remain floating.

You can get your bearded friend a variety of floaties, just like the other toys on the list.

You should only get high-quality floaties to achieve the best outcomes because they are more sturdy.

Get a Mirror

A fantastic idea to introduce a toy at no additional expense is to get a mirror out of your bedroom and let your dragon see their reflection.

Your bearded dragons will undoubtedly pay attention to this, and as their curiosity grows over what they believe to be a different bearded dragon, they will exhibit all kinds of behaviors.

The way people perceive themselves in the mirror may cause them to feel mildly frightened, intensely interested, or even hostile. As long as you just use the mirror sometimes and not every day, this is quite OK.

Every three days or so, I would advise utilizing a mirror for around 15 minutes.

If you follow this general guideline, your Dragon will be able to experience some much-needed stimulation without becoming anxious if it begins to feel threatened or scared by its reflection.

You shouldn’t be concerned about how your Bearded Dragon responds to its reflection since in the wild, encounters with other Bearded Dragons would happen regularly; but, in captivity, they aren’t exposed to as many scenarios that would keep them alert.

Because it’s one of the finest ways to keep your Dragon active, I adore using a mirror as a toy. It’s okay to use an old mirror you already have at home. Try the one I’ve recommended here in the thread if you don’t have a spare.

The major cause of your Dragon’s possible mild fear or aggression is that, as solitary reptiles, they will feel uneasy in the presence of another Bearded Dragon.

Your bearded dragon may be trying to dominate what it perceives to be another bearded dragon in the reflection if its head is bobbing rapidly.

If your dragon waves its arm at the mirror, it’s not to say hello but rather to signal submission to the other dragon and a general desire to avoid conflict.

In order to get them acquainted to and comfortable with the environment, I would also advise doing the initial displaying of the mirror while they are still in their tank.

You may try removing them from their tank and setting the mirror on the floor after you’ve used the mirror a few times.

In either case, your bearded dragon will like this toy and activity very much.

BackCountryHarnesses Hide Hammocks

The Hide Hammocks from BackCountryHarnesses provide a simple solution to guarantee that your beardie’s cage is a little cozier.

Each one serves as a place for your bearded dragon to rest and daydream while searching for the next wild bug to eat.

Additionally, the 400 print and size possibilities add to its attractiveness.

Finding a variety that fits your beardie’s personality won’t be difficult.

Why and How It Compares to Others. There aren’t many other bearded dragon toys available that provide as much support or comfort. This hammock will provide a comfortable place for them to unwind and fall asleep at night.

The ease of usage will also be advantageous to owners. This hammock won’t be easy to hang inside your bearded dragon’s tank.

Sincerity be told, there isn’t a single aspect of product performance where this hammock falls short.


Swim floaties, it’s true, may make bath time much more fun for bears.

Some bearded dragons hate taking showers and would do anything to avoid them. A floaty may frequently offer some consolation and help the process go more smoothly for them. As you clean them, they might attach to floaties, which serve as a perch.

Even if your bearded dragon already likes to swim, a floating toy is still a fantastic addition to your collection of toys. They can jump off, get on, and swim to this interactive attachment!

You may utilize a raft or ordinary inflatable ring. Or you could try floating foam noodle bits. Try inflatable slides or other common pool gadgets if you want to take things a step further.

A Laser Pointer

Some owners have mentioned that their bearded dragons play with and chase after laser pointers, perhaps thinking the laser is a bug. There are several comments, though, that suggest bearded dragons may become weary and sick of this after learning it’s not a glitch.

Simply allow them to pursue it once or twice weekly; this will make it take much longer for them to “figure it out.”

Considering that your beardie never really captures the first “bug,” a hefty cricket prize would likely be greatly welcomed by him.

Bearded Dragon Tunnels

Bearded dragons are lonely creatures who like to be alone themselves the most of the time. As a result, when they don’t feel like socializing with their owner, they tend to hide in little places.

You may keep your Bearded dragon interested by playing teaser games with them in a tunnel.

Your beardie’s favorite meal may be hidden at the other end of the tunnel, and you can then let them explore that area in quest of it.

The Jacobsen’s organ also gives bearded dragons a keen sense of smell.

You may also try this out because beardie caretakers have mentioned that their lizards enjoy chasing wands through tunnels.

If you want to offer your beardie more room to explore, you can think about putting the tunnel in a roomy area. Additionally, you may install tunnels inside the vivarium.

Just be careful that the tunnel doesn’t occupy the entire cage.

Swimming Float

Introducing a swimming float to your bearded dragon is yet another fantastic idea.

All you need to do is take a small foam or inflatable float and let your dragon to relax after a wash.

When you gently push them about the bath while they relax and unwind on the float, it may be a lot of fun.

You simply need a little float that is just big enough for your Bearded Dragon to rest on, and these types of floats are typically affordable.

Allowing them to spend 5–10 minutes on the float while taking a bath will provide them with the extra stimulation and occasional change of scenery they require.

ReptaboxCreations Bearded Dragon Reptile Lounger

The Bearded Dragon Reptile Lounger from ReptaboxCreations is a great option if your bearded dragon likes to climb.

The three adjustable settings of this lounge will be enjoyed by your bearded companion.

Its location inside the tank won’t detract from the aesthetics of the surroundings either.

Nine hues will be available for each consumer to select from, making it simple to discover the best selection.

Why and How It Compares to Others. The three movable levels on this toy make it unique. In comparison to other lounge accessories, it offers a little bit more ease and usability.

On these levels, too, your beardie will have a lot more space to roam. To assure comfort, each one has a large quantity of surface area.

As a result, any bearded dragon can much more easily jump onto the lounger.