Animal Save People

We’ve all heard touching tales of people intervening to save animals, whether it be rescuing a puppy stranded in traffic or even going inside a shark’s jaws to remove hooks! We are naturally motivated to assist animals when we see them in pain or having a difficult time.

These behaviors may also be seen in non-human animals! These animals occasionally assist one another like this adorable piglet assisted his feline companion through a trying period, and occasionally these creatures assist us. These ten tales describe instances in which animals showed kindness and assistance to humans.

Lions Save Girl From Kidnappers

In June, four men assaulted and abducted a 12-year-old girl as she walked home from school in Ethiopia. They probably had the intention of forcing her into a marriage. A week later, the kidnappers were trying to transport her to a different place while the police were pursuing them when a pride of lions heard her calls for help and charged in.

When the police showed there, the three lions scared the men away and sat peacefully with the girl before vanishing back into the undergrowth. According to Sergeant Wondmu Wedaj, “They stood vigil until we discovered her, and then they just left her like a present and went back into the bush.” She said to the police that even though she had been assaulted by her captors, the animals had never threatened her.

Gorilla Saved Toddler From Attack

A 3-year-old kid fell 18 feet into a gorilla exhibit in August 1996 at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, suffering a serious head injury.

The youngster was guarded by female Lowland Gorilla Binti Jua from the aggressive other gorillas. She then took him in her arms and carried him 60 feet to a door where zoo staff and medical professionals were waiting to attend to his wounds.

Whale protects scientist from shark

She was unsure of her reaction when a humpback whale started pushing and leading biologist Nan Hauser in the water. She was initially startled and perplexed, but then she realized the whale had seen something she had missed: a big tiger shark swimming close.

Nan realized the whale was attempting to protect her and direct her back to her boat after spotting the shark. Although she was aware that whales occasionally exhibited a similar behavior when defending seals from killer whales, Nan, who has devoted her life to preserving whales, had never encountered anything like it before.

She is unsure of the specific thoughts these whales are having, but she is aware of their humanitarian desire to assist other species of creatures.

Sea Lion Saves Golden Gate Bridge Jumper

Kevin Hines is a sea lion-loving author, lecturer, and champion for mental health. Hines leaped over the Golden Gate Bridge when he was 19 years old. He made it out alive, but he was badly hurt and struggling to remain afloat in the icy water.

He felt a bump under him at that point. He was pushed up to the surface of the water and toward the coast while a sea lion circled beneath him. Hines was saved by this animal, and he has since devoted his life to promoting mental health and preventing suicide.

Beluga Whale Rescues Drowning Diver

Diver Yang Yun competed in a free-diving competition at the Polar Land Aquarium in Harbin, China, in 2009 to qualify for a position teaching whales there. She dove into the icy water, but a spasm in her leg prevented her from swimming to safety.

One of the two beluga whales in the tank, Mila, saw Yun in trouble and acted to save her life by seizing her leg in her teeth and pushing her up to the surface.

Dolphins protect man from shark

This tale also includes aquatic creatures defending a human from a probable shark attack. In one instance, a great white shark surfaced in the water beneath long-distance swimmer Adam Walker, prompting a pod of dolphins to encircle him.

Adam swam with these 10 dolphins until the shark swam away. By chance, Adam was swimming to collect money for the nonprofit Whale and Dolphin Conservation. It appears that he chose the proper cause! You may read about a similar incident that occurred in 2004 here.

Porpoises Rescue Beloved Actor

Dick Van Dyke, a well-known American actor, told Craig Ferguson that a pod of porpoises saved his life when he passed out on his surfboard. He had relaxed on his board while a young surfer, enjoying the waves off the Virginia shore, and had slept off. There was no land in sight when he awoke.

When he first noticed fins around him, he began to paddle in the same direction as the waves. As he got near to the coast, a group of porpoises swimming next to him started gently pushing his board in that direction.

Lions Foil Kidnapping Plot

Three lions are said to have rescued a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl from a bunch of kidnappers in 2005. In an effort to compel the girl into marrying one of them, seven guys kidnapped her and held her hostage for more than a week.

The attackers had repeatedly battered and abused the girl, but it appears that the prospective man-eating cats scared the men away and watched over her for half a day until the police and her family arrived.

Gorilla, Binti Jua, saves a young boy

In 1996, a little child and his family stumbled into the gorilla area while visiting the Brookfield Zoo. A western lowland gorilla named Binti Jua approached the injured youngster, picked him up in her arms, and held him until the paramedics came while witnesses stood by in dread.

Surprisingly, Binti Jua appeared to be motivated by an innate need to care for this hurt youngster. This incident shows how kind and sensitive gorillas can be, but it also shows how immoral zoos can be.

Twenty years after Binti Jua won the hearts of Americans, a comparable incident took place in the Cincinnati Zoo but sadly did not end well. In 2016, a little kid accidentally entered Harambe, a silverback gorilla, who lived in the gorilla habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Sadly, Harambe was slain so that the kid could be securely retrieved because his response seemed to be more violent. These kinds of incidents demonstrate how zoos place animals (and tourists) in risky and unneeded circumstances.

Pig Saves Woman Having a Heart Attack

When Jo Ann Altsman had a heart attack, assistance in the shape of a pot-bellied pig arrived just in time. When Altsman passed unconscious on the floor, her husband wasn’t home, but her resourceful pig, LuLu, found out how to call for help.

With her 150-pound bulk crammed through the dog door, LuLu sliced her midriff as she did so. She managed to open the fence gate, cross the street, and lay down in the path of oncoming traffic.

Finally, a kind person came to see how she was doing. He promptly shouted for assistance as she brought him back to Altsman. Altsman’s open-heart surgery’s surgeons predicted that she wouldn’t have survived another 15 minutes. The household no longer consumes pigs.

Sea Lion Helps Man Who Jumped Off Golden Gate Bridge

Rarely do anyone survive a planned fall from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, but if a friendly sea lion showed up, maybe it would happen more frequently. When 19-year-old Kevin Hines made the decision to leap in September 2006, this is what transpired.

Despite miraculously surviving the 25-story drop, the force of the water damaged his back and fractured vertebrae, and the excruciating agony prevented him from swimming.

However, just as he was about to sink, something touched his legs. He was being circled, prodded, and kept above water by a sea lion. In spite of the fact that rescuers were able to reach him and bring him out of the water, his injuries would have caused him to die if he hadn’t been buoyed.

Lulu the pig saves woman having a heart attack

Jo Ann Altsman was fortunate to have Lulu, her devoted companion pig, there when she had a heart attack at home. Considering how intelligent and attentive pigs are, Lulu saw the problem right away.

Jo Ann tried in vain to assist her, so she rushed outside and stood in the road, oink till, at last, a car stopped to see what was wrong with this pig. Thankfully, an ambulance was summoned before it was too late after Lulu guided the guy to Jo Ann.

According to the doctors, Jo Ann probably wouldn’t make it through the next 15 minutes. Jo Ann gave Lulu a jelly doughnut as a reward for her bravery.

Beavers Save Boy From Freezing

While camping with his parents in Ontario, Canada, a small child made the choice to remain on dry land while they were on the water. Sadly, the boat capsized, and the youngster saw his parents go under the water. He attempted to move toward a town while sobbing. But when night fell, he realized that he would have to spend the night on the chilly, soggy ground.

He was sobbing as he lay down when he felt a warm, fuzzy body cling to his back. He was dazed after his adventure and assumed the creature was a dog, so he passed out. Three beavers had snuggled up with him when he woke up the next morning to save him from freezing to death. Overnight, the temperature dropped below freezing.

Elephant Saves Girl From Tsunami

An 8-year-old girl called Amber Mason was protected from the waves and prevented from drowning during the 2004 tsunami in Thailand by an elephant. The elephant rushed for higher ground while carrying Amber as the first wave hit. It turned its back on the wave, creating a barrier of protection around Amber.

The girl’s family believes that the elephant saved her life because without it, she would have been separated from them and would have perished.

Sasha the pit bull saves family from a fire

Sasha the little pull warned this California family to a fire in their apartment by barking constantly until Nana Chai, the mother of the home, woke up. Additionally, Sasha carried Nana Chai’s infant off the bed in an effort to save her.

Baby, a 10-year-old pit dog, also shown Sasha’s bravery by twice saving his family from a fire! Pit bulls sometimes have a poor name for being “violent,” although traditionally, they were regarded as “nanny” dogs because of their patience with kids. Pit bulls like Sasha and Baby demonstrate their loyalty and bravery.

Dolphins Rescue Surfer Wounded by Shark

When a circle of dolphins suddenly arrived during an event in 2007, a giant Great White shark had already attacked surfer Todd Endris in Monterey, California, three times, ripping the skin from his back and shredding his right leg to the bone.

He was shielded from further peril by the little pod, which also led him back to the beach.

Sammi the chicken saves man from a broken heart

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t the story of a brave animal rescuing a human from an impending disaster, but Sammi the chicken has undoubtedly supported Dave Cox at a trying time in his life.

Sammi was there to offer company after Dave’s close friend Cort, a dog, passed away. Dave understands that chickens can be kind, entertaining buddies when people don’t think so.

Whether it’s a road trip to New Orleans or just a trip to the grocery store, the two always travel together. You can follow the perhaps most mobile chicken on Instagram by clicking here.

Silverback Gorilla Protects Injured Boy

Levan Merritt, a small kid, fell 12 feet onto a concrete slab in the gorilla exhibit at the Jersey Zoo in 1986, shattering his skull and losing consciousness. Jambo, a male Silverback gorilla, saved Levan Merritt’s life. Jambo stood watch over the youngster, putting himself between him and the other gorillas despite the stereotype that male Silverbacks are very aggressive.

When the youngster became awake, he later rubbed his back and guided the other gorillas away and into an enclosure, enabling an emergency medical team to save him.

Pearly the parrot saves his family from fire

LauraJean Niesel and her fiance were awakened at around 4 a.m. by the noise of their parrot, Pearly, making a racket. Evidently, Pearly was attempting to inform his family that their laundry room was on fire! The family was able to escape safely and contact the fire brigade in time to prevent the fire from spreading because of the loud squawks of this bird.

A Pod of Dolphins and Two Whales Rescue Marooned Fisherman

Ronnie Dabal was tuna fishing in Puerto Princesa Bay in the Philippines in 2008 when a storm caused his boat to capsize. Perched atop a piece of Styrofoam for 24 hours, Dabal faced the unrelenting waves, but when night fell, he was weak from weariness.

A pod of 30 dolphins and two whales suddenly flanked his flanks and started nipping at his raft as it approached the beach. They prodded him all the way to Barangay’s safe beach.

Sea lion saves man after he jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge

Kevin Hines attempted suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco when he was just 19 years old due to mental illness. He somehow survived the hit, although he was badly hurt and struggling to keep afloat in the icy waters.

He was startled when he sensed a monster in the water; he didn’t understand it was there to assist him swim. He subsequently learned via images taken by witnesses that the animal that saved his life was a sea lion, despite the fact that he was unaware of it at the time. Kevin Hines currently travels the globe to spread awareness of mental health issues and ways to avoid suicide.

Bear Saves Man From Mountain Lion Attack

Robert Biggs, 69, of Paradise, California, was being attacked by a mountain lion from behind when it jumped on his back as he was viewing a mother bear and her kids from a safe distance.

Biggs was using a rock hammer to attempt to fend off the large cat when all of a sudden, the mother bear materialized. She tore the cat from Biggs’s back and threw it about by the neck.

The mountain lion fled after a 15-second fight, and the bear returned to tending to her kids. Biggs was saved by the mother bear, who left him with just minor scrapes.

Pride of lions save kidnapped girl

Many people are familiar with lions as majestic yet fierce hunters. However, after being abducted by a group of four males, a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl turned to these animals for help.

The kidnappers were on the run from the police, but their intentions were disrupted when they came across some lions, who scared them away.

The tiny girl was then kept company by these lions until the cops came. According to one police officer, “They basically left her like a present and went back into the jungle.” They stood vigil until we discovered her. According to some experts, the lions were moved to compassion by the girl’s pleas for rescue since they resembled those of a lion cub.